Why is ChefsFeed Indie Week different?


Most food festivals take the form of dine-arounds: sprawling setups with dozens of chefs at little booths, passing out bites of food that have been sitting out all day, for a drive-by parade of guests to snatch up. The guests don’t get much time with the chefs beyond a lightning quick spiel; for the chefs, the day is a blur of faces. Service? You’re on your own.

We’ve spent a lot of time listening to diners, and their number one request is the chance to have real conversations with the chefs they admire. So instead of the manic free-for-all, ChefsFeed Indie Week is a sit-down, multi-course dinner paired with dynamic wines from local producers. Chefs have the space to create thoughtful, composed representations of their true culinary vision—not what will fit on a palm-sized paper plate.

We introduce the chefs to the dining room and give them an opportunity to tell their stories as they walk guests through the creative process. Once their dish is served, the chefs get a chance to chat with the guests and are available to answer questions. VIP guests go even further behind the curtain with an early meet-and-greet with the chefs, full observation access to the kitchens during final preparation, and a place at the restaurant’s “lineup,” a pre-service meeting where chefs walk the staff through what they’ve prepared for the coming service and motivate one another. It’s a chance to experience every part of what makes this industry great—to ask questions, to taste, to make connections—from start to finish.

Through the generosity of our sponsors, chefs get more than a sweaty day under a big tent—unlike the rest of the food events out there, we subsidize their costs to attend CFIW and curate a full of itinerary of inspirational culinary tours around their host city. Basically: happier chefs, happier food. It’s that simple.

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